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For any person, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, it is of importance to take care of our outer appearances. We cannot deny that a presentable appearance makes a strong introductory statement about the person we are. First impression does count!

Nobody wants to go around with a lousy complexion, a dull skin tone or bad hyper-pigmentation problems. It just does not make us look or feel good about ourselves. 

To have great looking skin, we need to start a good regime as early as possible. Skin problems detected early are much easier to be resolved than a skin problem that has been dragging through the years. 

A lot of consumers often complain that they are not able to achieve the results they need from the skincare products they purchased. But has it ever crossed our mind that certain skin problems just need more time to be resolved? These problems may have been plaguing us for years and when we find a solution to it, we cannot expect the products to perform miracles. 

In the cosmeceutical industry, there are no magical products. Patience and perseverance are the 2 most important factors that determine whether we can attain the results we want from the skincare products that we are using. If you are embracing unrealistic expectations, wanting a product to give you overnight results, please bear in mind that such miracles just do not happen!

As cosmeceutical professionals, it is our duty to provide customers with a formulation that works to give results. But our responsibility does not stop here. 

At SkinWhite Research Labs, we also play the role of "educators" for our customers. We make it our motto to educate customers on what is good and beneficial for their skin. It is often sad to see a lot of our customers using harsh skin lighteners on their skin  previously. For some, severe damages on the skin were caused. All of these could have been avoided if these customers have been equipped with proper knowledge about the right type of skin lighteners to use. 

Fortunately, we have a group of dedicated researchers who relentlessly spend  time to help these customers. Today, their efforts are paying off and we are happy to see a dramatic improvement in these customers. After using our formulations, previous damages were gradually rectified. Now, these customers can lighten their skin without having to subject themselves to non-professional skin lightening products that damage their skin. 

With adequate knowledge and entrusting yourself to the proper professionals, consumers will stand to benefit in the long run. 

Before trying out the next skincare product on your skin, remember one thing, look for a professional because your safety comes first!

  Dr David Smith
  SkinWhite Research Labs

International numbers launched with effect from 19th August 2003

With effect from 19th August 2003, in addition to our previous telephone / fax numbers, international customers will be able to reach our office using the following international numbers:

Telephone Numbers:
  • Singapore         +65 6562 2146
  • USA / Canada    +1 (718) 233 6260
Fax Numbers:
  • Singapore         +65 6875 0242
  • USA / Canada    +1 (320) 205 1083
  • Europe             +44 870 169 188
New link to be set up for professional discussions

With an increasing endorsement of the formulation of "Skin White Serum" by medical institutions and private practitioners, the management of SkinWhite Research Labs has decided to add a new forum onto our official website.

The forum will serve to be a discussion area for dermatological professionals to exchange the latest updates and research findings about skin whitening. This new act will have the effects of bringing about greater advancements in skin lightening research studies.

The forum is tentatively set to launch at the end of September 2003

Free "Uriage Instant Radiance Hydrating Mask" to be given away with every purchase of SWS-A1 package for "Skin White Serum"

With every purchase of
SWS-A1 package for "Skin White Serum", each existing customer will be able to receive

  • 1 unit of "Uriage Instant Radiance Hydrating Mask" (40ml) 
    worth US$35
This offer will only be valid till 30th September 2003.

Free "Uriage Instant Radiance Hydrating Mask" & "Natural Fairness Songyi Mushroom Whitening Essence" to be given away with every purchase of SWS-A2 package for "Skin White Serum"

With every purchase of
SWS-A2 package for "Skin White Serum", each existing customer will be able to receive the following:

  • 1 unit of "Uriage Instant Radiance Hydrating Mask" (40ml)  
    worth US$35
  • 1 unit of "Natural Fairness Songyi Mushroom Whitening Essence" (75ml) - worth US$40
This offer will only be valid till 30th September 2003.

Deluxe gift set to be given away with every purchase of SWS-A3 package for "Skin White Serum"

With every purchase of
SWS-A3 package for "Skin White Serum", a deluxe gift set worth US$150 consisting of the following will be given to each existing customer:

  • 1 unit of "Natural Fairness Whitening Facial Foam" (100ml) 
    - worth US$25
  • 1 unit of "Natural Fairness Whitening Hydrating Lotion" (100ml) - worth US$35
  • 1 unit of "Natural Fairness Songyi Mushroom Whitening Essence" (75ml) - worth US$40
  • 1 unit of "Natural Fairness Whitening Shower Gel" 
    - worth US$50
This offer will only be valid till 30th September 2003.

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- Feature Article from Streats, Singapore Press Holdings
8th August 2003

  TV presenter and travel writer Georgina Chang started in a whitening regime a month ago.

   Georgina, who is in her 30s, has been in the sun a lot the past 2 years, but more so lately - she's just returned from diving holidays in Hawaii and Manado.

   "I always use a sunblock," she said. "But recently, I've noticed freckles on my face after I've been out in the sun. 

   "Which probably means that a sunblock isn't good enough."

   That convinced her that she needed to do something about her skin. She started on a whitening regime.
  "I wish I'd started earlier," said Georgina, "but this thing about whitening wasn't big until only recently."

   "Now that I think about it, I wish I'd started in my teens, when I was in school doing lots of PE"

   "I believe that what you do in your teens affect how you look in your 20s; and what you do in your 20s affects how you look in your 30s. and so on."

   It has been only a month since she started on her whitening regime and Georgina says it's too soon to expect results.

   "In fact, if I do see results now, I'd be worried because that would probably mean that the products are very harsh!"

   "One good thing though, is that I don't get as many freckles now after I've been out in the sun."
  In the process of caring for her skin, Georgina also made an interesting discovery - she finds her whitening regime fun.

   "Yes, it's really fun using this stuff!" she said.

   "Besides, it also makes me feel good that I'm being pro-active about my skin."

   "And this has, in turn, made me more aware of other aspects of my health too," she added.
  We're all the same in that we usually don't take action until something happens, or things get bad.

   How often have you put off going to the doctor, or to the mechanic to get that funny sound in your car checked?

   We're truly a bunch of procrastinators, which - as some of us already know - isn't always a good thing.

   Women, for instance, start frantically searching for that miracle cream - which will magically erase wrinkles - only when they start noticing little lines on their face or nasty creases around their eyes.

   The same applies when it comes to using a whitening product.

   "Why bother? I don't have any pigmentation spots on my skin yet," you say.

   Which could turn out to be your biggest mistake.

   Because, unknown to many, we actually need to start on a whitening regime before those ugly brown spots appear.

   That's not to say that whitening products don't work when you already have spots and freckles. But it takes time. And you're really better off preventing them from making an appearance in the first place.

   This, truly, is a case of prevention being better than cure.

   Dermatologists have also uncovered a piece of bad news: Asian skins are genetically more prone too an increased level of hyper-pigmentation - and at a much earlier age too - than other skin types.

   Which means that we're more likely to get freckles and pigmentation than our Western sisters - and at a younger age too.

   Our climate isn't skin-friendly wither. Strong UV rays from the hot sun cause our skin to produce melanin. Too much of this protective pigment, and we'll find ourselves with pigmentation spots.

   So if it's fair and smooth skin you're after, it really is about time you climbed on the whitening bandwagon. 

   Like Georgina, you'll probably be glad you did.

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