Dear [FullName],

With the coming of the new year, new hopes and dreams lay in waiting to be fulfilled.

For customers at SkinWhite Research Labs, attaining a fairer complexion will definitely be listed as one of their resolutions in 2003.

Well, we make your dream our responsibility and we are here to accompany you in this endeavor.

Believe us, your perseverance and patience are paying off and you are on the way to enjoy a fairer and more beautiful complexion for yourself!

Happy New Year 2003!

  Dr David Smith
  SkinWhite Research Labs


New reduced prices for "Skin White Serum"

Through months of intensive research studies, the management of SkinWhite Research Labs have succeeded in deploying costs-savings methods in the manufacturing process of "Skin White Serum".

With effect from 18th January 2003, customers will be able to purchase "Skin White Serum" at the new reduced prices.

To check out the new reduced prices, please click here.

"Natural Fairness Whitening Facial Foam" available for sale

With effect from 13th January 2003,"Natural Fairness Whitening Facial Foam" (100ml) will be available for sale via our website.

To view the ingredients listing of the "Natural Fairness Whitening Facial Foam", click here.

To make your purchase of the "Natural Fairness Whitening Facial Foam", click here.



For customers who purchase the 6 months supply product package of "Skin White Serum" (SWS-A3), they will be able to receive 1 free complimentary bottle of "Skin White Serum" (30ml).

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