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Dear [FullName],

With 2002 coming to an end, Skin White Research Lab is honored to be able to rejoice in the joy and beauty of Christmas with all of our customers again.

It has been a wonderful year serving each and every of our customers, and  every of our staff is definitely looking forward to the new challenges ahead in the approaching new year.

Your dream of attaining a fairer and more beautiful complexion is inevitably the top resolution of Skin White Research Labs in 2003. Our staff are eagerly looking forward  to working together with you to fulfill this dream. 

With the continuous researches undertaken at Skin White Research Labs, we believe that we are not far from that goal!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  Dr David Smith
  Skin White Research Labs

Skin Whitening / Skin Lightening Latest News
Skin White Research Labs disclaim all commercial affinities with various entities that have been making use of Skin White's brand for unauthorized marketing purposes on the internet

In view of the numerous enquiries sent in by our customers, the marketing survey team at Skin White Research Labs has undertaken various official steps to investigate recent occurrences which involved the unauthorized usage of Skin White's brand in various products branding and marketing channels on the internet.

The management of Skin White Research Labs is hereby officially disclaiming all commercial affinities with these entities, which have unethically breached the commercial code of integrity. 

To avoid any unnecessary complications that may arise, the management of Skin White Research Labs urgently implore all customers to take the necessary precautions against these entities.

Skin White Research Labs continues to offer "Natural Fairness" range of skincare products as complimentary gifts

In view of the overwhelming responses from customers, Skin White Research Labs has decided to extend the special promotions held in November.

(1) For each purchase of the SWS-A1 product package, customers will receive 1 tube of “Natural Fairness Whitening Facial Foam” (100ml) as a free complimentary gift.

(2) For each purchase of the SWS-A2 product package, customers will
receive 1 tube of “Natural Fairness Whitening Facial Foam” (100ml) and 1 bottle of “Natural Fairness Whitening Hydrating Lotion” (100ml) as free complimentary gifts.

(3) For any customer who has spent more than US$650 in their last 2 purchases and including the present purchase, he will be entitled to 
a free complimentary set of “Natural Fairness” range of products (worth more than US$200)

The complimentary set of products will consist of the following:
  • 1 tube of “Natural Fairness Whitening Facial Foam”(100ml)

  • 1 bottle of “Natural Fairness Whitening Hydrating Lotion”(100ml)

  • 1 bottle of “Natural Fairness Songyi Mushroom Whitening Essence” (75ml)

  • 1 bottle of “Natural Fairness Whitening Shower Gel”(500ml)

  • 2 bars of “Natural Fairness Whitening Soap”

  • 5 packets of “Natural Fairness Whitening Soap Tissues"

To qualify for Offer (3), customers will have to fulfill the following criteria:
  • The previous 2 purchases must have been made in the year 2002.

  • For verification purposes, upon making their new purchase, customers will have to attach the receipts of their previous 2 purchases in an email and send it to our sales team at

Excluding the “Natural Fairness Whitening Soap” and the “Natural Fairness Whitening Shower Gel”, the new “Natural Fairness” skincare products are strictly meant to be given away as free complimentary gifts and are not available for sale via our website.


Skin Whitening / Skin Lightening Products For Special Promotions

Rejoicing in the joyous spirit of the holiday season, with effect from 18th December 2002, Skin White Research Labs will be offering a special reduction in the prices for all product packages of "Skin White Serum". 

This special offer is a gesture of our deepest appreciation for the continuous support shown by our customers, and will be valid till 

1st January 2003

For the latest pricing of our product packages, click here.

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