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                  The Guide to Preventing Eye Bags

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Detoxification helps remove bags under the eyes. Any questions?
Bags under the eyes are caused by the presence of fat and liquid beneath the skin. This occurs naturally in everyone, but as we become older and our metabolism slows down and our skin loses its elasticity, the fat and water accumulate and doesn't drain away. This makes bags more puffy and obvious. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure and there are no eye exercises that can remove the fat, but there are things you can do to prevent, delay or minimize the appearance of these unsightly bags.

Tips to combat bags under the eyes
  • Don't drink large amounts of water or other liquids before going to bed - three hours before bedtime is a good cut-off point. When in bed, it is better to lie on your back than your front, as this enables blood and other fluids in the body to flow more easily. So if you do suffer from eye bags, you may find that simply changing your sleeping posture can reduce the accumulation of water.
  • Adding an extra pillow helps elevate the head and prevent accumulation of water around the under eyes area.
  • Limit your intake of salt, as this is another cause of water retention.
  • When applying eye care products, gently massage them in with spiraling motion, being careful not to drag delicate skin around the eye too strongly as this may result in the appearance of fine lines.
  • If you have puffiness under your eyes when you get up in the morning, apply cotton wool pads dipped in cold milk to the eyes area for 10 minutes to reduce the swelling. You can use cold chamomile tea or green tea instead of milk to achieve the same effect (store used teabags in plastic bag in the fridge, so they are ready whenever you need them). Compressing two thin slices of cold cucumber onto the eyes area can also relax and refresh the skin, soothing puffiness and reducing dark circles.
  • Squeezing the juice of half a lemon into a glass of warm water abd drink it the first thing in the morning. This will detoxify the body and help prevent the formation of bags under the eyes.
  • Unless the weather is extremely dry, do not apply a thick layer of eye cream around your eyes, especially creams with a rich, moisturizing formula. Heavy eye creams can overload fragile eye skin, causing fatty lumps and flabby, droopy eye lids.
  • Age intensifies flabby and puffy eye bags. As you get older, opt for eye products containing vitamin A and K as they can reduce the signs of ageing. Vitamin A stimulates the regeneration of collagen, which consolidates skin membrances and gives the skin a firmer look. Vitamin K helps to discharge excessive water and cause dark pigmentation on the skin to fade. It can alleviate puffiness and strengthen the walls of blood vessels against breaking and blood spillage. It is an effective cure for dark circles under the eyes.
Make-up tips to make your eyes sparkle
  • If you use foundation, use a liquid version and mix it with concealer and gently apply to the area under the eyes. Blend quickly with the fingers and dab off the excess to give your eyes a brighter look and minimize eye bags.
  • Apply a little loose powder before you put on eye makeup to prevent it from spreading out and fading.
  • Avoid eye shadow that is too glittery. Finer powders stay put for longer. Opt for warm colors as dark tones will give you a sombre look, highlighting eye bags.
  • If you have puffiness under the eyes, avoid lining the lower eyelids as this will only accentuate the eye bags.




















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skin whitening / skin lightening product to treat dark skin and hyperpigmentations
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